8:25 AMprazillo Lemon

...that we have been on SL for quite a while and it seem like a part of us now .... addiction. I have been in SL for a year now.. and been glued to all that is happening around SL.
....that i want to start with my first day in SL.. I was a newbies wearing the pink potta dot dress we all know :-) . It was strange at first having a strong personality of you in a Virtual world . Couldnt do anything that day ,a friend I met told me she was waiting on her friend to take her away from newbie land..LOL..  just couldnt leave the camp because my avatar wont have a place to sleep. that was first attachment to SL.
....that the second day was like kind of horrible because people were rude, but somehow found mysef at the palace entrance and was welcome by Foxy ( a lovely lady),she told me I wasnt well dressed and she gave some of her clothes to me. Since then i loved SL, I could log on continously ... addiction. Got to know a bit of her and really appreciated her.
..that I started going to other places in SL made me love SL the more.Found mysef at Mitch's Rose Jazz Club and was totally in love with the music, dancing away was my journey to getting a job there.Mitch and Kimberly offered me a job as hostess.. my first ever job and they got me dresses and skin and lovely stuffs.
...that  later i met Angelic who also gave me some awesome dresses .. wow cant leave SL .. addiction , in SL you meet wonderful people and most times you dont.. doesnt alway mean the wonderful people dont touch your life in ways that you dont imagine.

..that I remeber those SL newbies days and look at now.. im proud :-)

....that I will appreciate all those wonderful people who have made me come this far in my SecondLife Ride... and I wake up this morning with a smile saying ...Im so blessed and have addiction :-)..As we step into another day, lets all bless someone's life today,its not about money or material things, some need Love as simple as a smile or a good word for them.

..that I am going to keep everyone updated as the day go by.
Love someone today..

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