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7:25 PMprazillo Lemon

... that I have been Second Life busy and Real Life busy... has caused me to leave writing a while.
Now im back to write about my ride in second life.

... that was at a show yesterday and completely had a flop was so disappointing to me  and i could feel the same for the organizer. She was so angry with me she refused to talk to me. I completely understand but it has only just given me a dive to go hide some where and not show up my face for a while.
.... Second Life has a lot of opportunities and so much to learn from. I really do want to learn so much from SL and most likely take what i have learnt to Real Life .. but it becomes so difficult when some other factors such as environment play a role in this,after the show yesterday which turned out bad and i wasnt paid... i felt i needed to lay low and do some other stuff for mesef.

... that we alway have friends who encourage us and let us know the world doesnt end there is a good gift.Have two awesome friends Naiya and Leah.. they touch my life in ways that amaze me.. and im so blessed to have had them as friends. wont ask for less.

.... that SL do make people look foolish and others begin to question ones competence based on the network or SL problem is depresssing .. but having friends who encourage you to take the same step you just missed and do better with it next time is great.

... that no matter what happens in SL, we should never lose our cool or make another feel worse for actions that they cant help. and the most lesson i have alway learnt is to be quick to away apologise for any wrong doing and alway love your neighbour as you Love yoursef...

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