.... Disappointment

4:49 PMprazillo Lemon

....that sometimes one feels so disappointed about something is not alway a bad thing.
Had been practising for a show and Second Life was dealing with me in a number of crashes that in itsef was a disappointment .
It was constant I should crash when I entered the runway  another disappointment disappointment.Most model felt I wont last in the show.. but I did and didnt crash at show YAY .. not a disappointment . :-)
.... that also other models in same show was given a gift by the designer and i wasnt another disappointment
 but following morning designer IM me and gave me my own gift ... not a disappointment.
....that some few minutes into creating my blog site, the photographer who tooks the photoshot for the show didnt get a good shot of me ... LOL not a disappoinment ... because i cracked up laughing. Because she is not a disappointment .. Second Life was a disappointment ... LOL

 ... that we all try to never lose it or feel disappointed makes everyday a worthwhile experience and feeling..Alway laugh at most diappointment

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