....dreams can be ....

2:32 AMprazillo Lemon

That you have a believe you can do anything  and you are strong and willing enough to achieve it... that is a dream come true.

....that I have been wanting to build my own house in Second Life, never able to or have the desire or will to complete it . Today i desired to build a house no matter how small and with the textures i have with me..

.....that it went so well amazed me.. dream come true.

... that Leah a friend of mine, we have both been wanting to learn photoshop so we can take our own shots, especially with photography been like a mine treasure now in Second Life..she finally saw someone who could teach her.. dream come true. A little of my own photograpghy skills .:-)

....that I thought one door was closed for me in SecondLife but surprisingly others have been opened.. dream come true. Was asked to be a judge for an upcoming show, was asked to model for a show and have another upcoming show this weekend.. LOL all these .. dream come true.

... that dreams do come true and dreams can be reality.. we should never give up our dreams but to strive and work hard toward achieving them.

.. that with this ... I say a lovely night rest and a ..... dream that can be a reality.

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