... they were Saints

9:02 PMprazillo Lemon

... that we meet people who we barely know in real life, and those people touch our lives in ways you cant imagine possible is an awesome feeling. They are others who have touched your life and made you sad at the long run.
... that Second Life is a virtual world doesnt make the person behind the avatar less human. The person in the avatar is same as the one in real life and their character and personalities are not so different.
... that i work as a model in SL made me realise this. Like an instance when i was at rehearsal, i was laggy but couldnt make the pose points accurately i was told to be a backup model because i lagged for a day at practice and they felt that such simple act of lagg would ruin the show, another agency with same experience would encourage the model, ask what the problem was and then still keep the model for the show... they were saints.
...that we cant attend all the rehearsal doesnt make one the least inefficient and they decide you leave the model group .. they were not saints .. that you cant make the rehearsal and they give encouragement to do better in another show and not leave the group they were saint.
... that all these happens makes me wonder is Second Life .. real life.. because majority forget this is a Life we carve for ourselves as an alternate to our real life. its a life that should be explored and ideas built to enhance our real life.
...that i have been in SL, i have learnt to love more, learn more, appreciate people and most important help those who dont know where to go to when they need a shoulder to lean /cry on.
... that some people can not be missed in their kindness ...they were saints.. more of such people with such kindness and humilty will come in my blog sites. ...that others who are selfish, brutal ,wicked and self minded wont take them far.. it not me.. it the rule for Life.
...that finally we should all strive to be among .. they were saints

...that before i finally leave to bed today and it been my first blogging today was more fun and excitement.Lot of exciting stuff to talk about especially been me in SL.Be nice to everyone and have less fight and drama . its not worth it.. you only end up not sleeping well at night whereas the other person sleeps like a baby.

...that i say goodnight and awesome night rest .. and be up running to see what i will have next to write about .. :-)

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