... Season Greetings to All

3:57 PMprazillo Lemon

.. that i have been very busy and missing all the great stuffs in second Life.. can imagine how i feel? My Internet also has been a whole bundle of crap i most admit.. that too plays a major role in not been in Second Life and not here to blog on all that is happening in Second Life.

.. that this is the season for lots of Love spreading around and happinesss that along makes me happy.
i will be travelling to see my parents for the holidays and spend some time with my family and hopefully next year will be much fun and exciting than this year.

... that so much has passed in second Life and we cant just cease to remember it was yesterday that we just did christams, but all the same we were good.

.... that we had some losses , we lose some great friends .. and gained some great friends also and made stronger friend, we will all celebrate.

... that I use this medium to wish everyone an awesome Christmas Holiday and a great and fantastis new year ahead.

... that i Love you all....

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