....Misunderstanding ...

1:46 PMprazillo Lemon

When someone misunderstand you and make a bad statement, it makes one feel so bad.
I use to work in an store and as a result of busy schedules this festive period and the fact that i cant be online to work as expected especailly with rules been set aside in different store.
.. that I formally informed the owner telling her i would not be able to make the expected time because one has to be online and alway available to greet customer.
.. that i cant do that this period, so i had to quit of which i explained to the owner and we agreed on the basis i left. After a week the owner of the store sends me a message telling me im a great liar...

... that really touched me so much, because I never lied to her and im a very sincere person. Im never a person to hold a grudge or have an issue with someone.

...that this is a period for holidays and good spirit, i will alway find a way to ask the owner in what ways have  lied to her and probably we settle on a good ground.

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