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..2010 Jewelers Fest By Infinite FOCUS

2:58 PMprazillo Lemon

... that the 2010 Jewelry Fest organised by Infinite FOCUS Agency was a great show and lots of lovely jewelries were in display from great designer. Amongst the designs been showcased were Gems & Kisses, Yabusaka, PISA, Zuri's Jewelry, R.A Crystal, Fairodis Jewelry, LOULOU&CO, PRIMALOT, PRINNY’s PRIMS, Diamond Dreams, La Forgia, SIGMA, Dragon's Den. We were all looking stunning and lovely. We were all dressed as angels,had the dancers who opened the show for us with their lovely angelic dances and then we kicked off with the show proper.

... that the LAG was terrible and we all made it across the show, and the show was a most lovely one because though it was very LAGGY with our ARC(Avatar rendering Cost ) screaming at 3000 and above. We all made it and for one, I didn’t crash which makes me more proud considering past experience.

.... that a little secret I have been reading all about How to Fight LAG’s and LAG’s at model shows and I think it worked for me this time. A clip of the shows will be displayed here; though I wasn’t able to take much because it was so laggy so couldn’t cam around to get much photo.The venue was awesome,lovely and heavenly.

...that all Kudos goes  to Infinite Focus Agency, Angexx and the rest of the team for all the good and great work. We should Watch out for More Information at Infinite FOCUS blog site   : INFINITE FOCUS FASHION AGENCY BLOG SITE

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