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... Avatar Transition (Second Life)

9:55 PMprazillo Lemon

... that the day I created my avatar in second life up till this moment has been an awesome journey outside real life .Of concern to me today is the transition we have been through the journey for Second Life.

.. that the first time we create our user name and password , and get that first appearance till this moment we have made lot of changes in appearance, shape , skin, hairs etc.

... that the avatar transition I will be referring to here is like evolution :-), from the first time we came in till the era of the new avatar ( the avatar movie ) and what happens next ???
:-) Enjoy the transition because I won’t say it an evolution :-)


... that one time in our Second Life we have been different avatar, theses above have been some of my avatar looks whether in for fashion shows, fun, gothic, haloween,casual, normal day look, etc. What has your avatar look been like? Is it transiting to the blue avatar ? If finally the project of migrating us to Second Life succeed , are we going to be having the blue avatar ? :-).

... that i ask finally What is the next Avatar Like

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