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... Dark Rose Design by Anita Claven

8:12 AMprazillo Lemon

... that I have worked  along Anita Claven @ IMAGE model agency in one of our model Shows in Second Life, she was very great to talk to, we were in rehearsal and she was talking to me about someone and it was so hilarious.

... that yesterday i came across her again in an after party i was invited to by Naiya. this is the conversation that passed between us :

prazillo Lemon: U are looking very wonderful

prazillo Lemon: happy New year
Anita Claven: you to dear! and thankyou :) I love this outfit
prazillo Lemon: its lovely
Anita Claven: thankyou :) i know for a fact the designer appreciates the compiment ;)
prazillo Lemon: yes
prazillo Lemon: :-)
Anita Claven: lol i will be sure to relay it to Miss Claven :)
prazillo Lemon: hahahaha
prazillo Lemon: yourself LOL
Anita Claven: lol yesh
prazillo Lemon: its awesome
prazillo Lemon: :-) please do tell Mr claven .. that i see Anita wearing it and it looks gorgeous on her otherwise i would have taken it from her
prazillo Lemon: :-)
Anita Claven: lmao
prazillo Lemon: Miss *
prazillo Lemon: wow thank so much
Anita Claven: :)
prazillo Lemon: thats going to be my best new year dress LOL
prazillo Lemon: im going to wear it and blog about it in my blog
prazillo Lemon: do u mind me adding this chat we had in blog
Anita Claven: lol no not at all
prazillo Lemon: Kool
Anita Claven: but if your going to blog it let me give you a better outfit to blog :)
prazillo Lemon: ahahahaha.. im still a child blogging
prazillo Lemon: thanks so much
Anita Claven: :)
prazillo Lemon: i do appreciate it so much
Anita Claven: i put out a limited edition gown each month only available during that month

... that i kept my promised and blog about it, hoping it does bring more awareness for her designs and i appeal to everyone to rush over to her store and check it out.

..that the pic above shows the one I saw Anita wearing at the after party called "Dark Rose Designs: Sweater Chic".

....that this pic above is "Dark Rose Designs: Limited Edition Iris Gown"
....that both outfits are very lovely,elegant, gorgeous, beautiful, chic, unique , detailed... and on.. and so forth...LOL trying to use all the words available.. you can use the words for me:-)

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