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..@ DD Style By Dadina Dosei

6:06 PMprazillo Lemon

.... that I was at DD Style today ,was given some lovely outfits to model and I couldn’t resist but blog about it (couldn’t even wait to go to studio I was taking photos right there and blogging LOL), because there are drop dead gorgeous. Dadina outfits are very unique and I love them because there are very stylish and mostly come with the unique snake boots  and necklace :-).

... that I get to model this outfit called Snow Snake White, this outfit can be worn as a gown which comes with a lovely skirt perfect for a ballroom, which was accessorized with the fur jacket (great for the winter) and you still get to go out and dance.

.. that also this outfit can be worn as casual , pant and top with the fur jacket if the weather gets a bit cold :)
And a lovely scandals to match this look.I just love this outfit.

... that also the necklace and the shoes which are trade mark of Dadina Design, the scandals comes with a hud for skin color,nail polish , resizer, sound and help (for further understanding)

...that we should go check out the store in world and pick an outfit for ourselves and also a loved one :-) Hurry :-)

                               SLURL To DD Style inworld

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