.. dedicated time on Nothing...

4:24 PMprazillo Lemon

.. that we spent so much time on something and at the end of it all.. you goofed. I faced a situation like that...

..that I got some outfits and decided to take some photos.. so much hours been spent on the poses, taking the photo behind a background that will be less difficult to edit in Photoshop and also outfit change.. and at the end some photos though beautiful came with names and stuff LOL.

...that I just decided to blog about it instead... and give some of us a good laugh.. and i tried editing some of them to see how creative i could be after all the time i wasted . This is what i came by

..that this is where people like Skip Staheli, Cherie Parker come into play.. where there turn worthless stuff into shiny magical photo.. I'm going to get there someday. :-) Now this is where i can get to ....

I will save these photos and someday.. will perform some magic on them.. and will also post this in blog :-)

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