Designer's Wardrobe Diary

..... First Day @ Thea Tamura Fashion...

12:15 AMprazillo Lemon

... that yesterday I was a member of the Thea Tamura Fashion house, gave me joy. I got an awesome outfit to model called  MELANCHOLY  - BLACK . This outfit has a lot of options, it can be worn as a skirt over the top or as a pant over the top .. or as a gown with leggings.. WOW comes with a lot..

... that not only with the options.. it makes one feel very elegant and regal, can be styled any way to make it casual, medieval, sexy , hot etc.. I really Love this outfit.. Thea is a wonderful designer, her outfits you will fall in Love with immediately.

... that it been a very hectic day for me , real life work , then second life work.. as a result that i didnt come in secondlife earlier in the week... i have so many hrs to meet up with..But interestingly.. i do have time to write :-).

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