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3:24 PMprazillo Lemon

.. that everyday we learn from one stuff to another is an awesome experience. For week i have been meaning to develop my bog site and make it more attractive. I have been battling with getting the flickr photo to just display the content on the side bar.. but its been so frustating.. and i know i have been doing it right.

... that today i deleted the gadget and tried adding again.. it just worked beautifully.. lol though not the photo i wanted to see.. but the fact i can now see fotos make it beautiful.

... that the photo you see at the side bar is a friend wedding which was done in Second Life.. she was a very good friend and on the day of her wedding .. i decided to take some photo because a friend of mine once did a wedding also in second Life and nobody, friends remembered to take a photo of the occasion.. i decided to take some few photo.

...that my friend saw the photo and was so in love with them all, and she wants each and every single piece LOL.. make me happy.

... that nobody is going to tell Shaz i posted some of her photo in my blog lol...little secret LOL.

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