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2:01 AMprazillo Lemon

.. that On Jan. 12, 2010, a massive earthquake struck Haiti. It was the worst earthquake in the region in more than 200 years. The International Red Cross estimate that about three million people were affected by the quake and the Haitian Interior Minister believes that up to 200,000 have died as a result of the disaster.

....that this has been a most painful and devastating situation, lots of lives have been lost , their homes,relatives,and most are still yet to be found  and the country is in big big need of money for rebuilding, medicine, food, houses and every lindens are worth. :-( . Resident of Second Life have called on all to donate to this cause to help raise all the money we can and send to the Red Cross so that they can help those people, providing them with food, water and medical supplies etc

... that we have a lot of places for memorials , donations been set up for this cause. I will be attaching a few photos and landmarks to where donations are made for this cause and clips of write up toward this cause.

.. that i employ us all to please please  help our brothers and sisters in this devastating cause and also to help save a soul. Attached on the blog are a few of the places in world where this donations can be made and also memorial centres.

that for HAITIAN Memorial they wrote "We have set up a memorial to the people who have been affected by the Haitian Earthquake Tragedy. Please come by and light a candle or drop a flower. We have left our land open so you can place your own tributes. This Tragedy affects all nations around the globe and this memorial offers a small opportunity to come together in grief and sadness to show our support of the Haitian People most of whom have lost everything. We now have a Red Cross donation kiosk set up"

God Bless Everyone and Protect Us All

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