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.... Road Trip to aDiva Couture

10:45 PMprazillo Lemon

... that this weekend one need to get some outfits in preparation for valentine, either in cocktail dress, pant, lacey top, damask outfit, just name them. Your best stop is at aDiva Couture At aDiva you get a nice cocktail dress called Lea which has a lovely flower at the shoulder, a bronze satin waist sash, which contain flex skirt both in short and long layer adorned with damask glitch, bodice and fully finished with a nice lace panty.

...that also we have Anais which comes in a short gown in damask/ brocade worn with pearl necklace and glitch pants.

...that also the damask /brocade been used for Anais was used to create another awesome design called Isabella, This is a hot lace & brocade with satin mix containing many pieces which give lots of options. You will find brocade low rise jeans in boot cut & classic cut, sculpted pants flare, pearl necklace, lace panties, sculpted lace arms, blouse see through & less in jacket layer, blouse see through & less in shirt layer short, ruffles satin and lace.

...that there is more ,we should hurry over to aDiva Couture   to lay our hands on them before the valentine.

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