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9:01 PMprazillo Lemon

... that we are all faced with the issue of people seeing us differently is quite alarming and very confusing. I have had issue with people telling me I was naked and in essence Isee my self perfectly well.

...that i went for Miss Bliss Couture 2010 Finalist.. i was confronted that i was naked .. and i actually saw myself dressed and Looking properly dressed.I was asked to take a photo of mysef .. which i did and posted to the Lady.


...that LOL she also took a photo of me .. and I was looking naked ,  and not only naked but stack naked, basically she was right that i was naked because that is her view and i was also right im fully dressed because that is my view.... wow we were both right :-)

... Another friend also told me i was naked in same show, and i sent her the photos and she also sent me a photo of myself and  told me to log out and come back in. But asked if i was using Emerald..(which at the moment i was using..) I had to log out of Emerald to Second Life viewer..


... that they saw me okay when i log back in using Second Life Viewer.. baffles me..and make me ask the question.. What is with my view, other view and SL viewers, or preferably .. SL viewers with Emerald Viewer.. are they in constant battles? Because actually if they are we are the ones suffering.. my career was just about to be ruined in a large audience LOL ..:-)

...that I usually dont  pay so much attention to people comment about my avatar, connection and stuffs because i feel i cant help it, with this experience i sure will pay more attention. We all should learn a bit from this experience.Lindsen please work on the issue with the viewers so the viewers are not in constant fight with each other and also we all dont go naked in a party or conference LOL.

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