....New Year

8:10 PMprazillo Lemon

.. that the holiday has come to an end, work has began and we need to fit our real life with Second Life. is our reality we need to face. The Holiday has been awesome .. though for me i had to work and no internet .. so i couldnt come in Second Life.

.. that also these period i missed all the goodies and free stuff which was all awesome from the messages and blogs i read.. im so sad.. but most important happy that we saw 2010 and alive. (great news for me).

... that i was able to get some free stuff and dollarbie im more than happy.

...that we all hope this year 2010 brings to us favour, greatness, joy, peace, good health, happiness and these will be our friend, best friends, partner, lover all through the rest of the year.

...that these outfit are freebies and dollarbies from some designers .. those who havent seen them should go check them out.

.. that in the pictures im wearing outfits from :
, Trench coat from Right! (Not a freebies ) Skin Free Speerit, Jewelleries from CCD(Not free)

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