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.... TTF Rakeel

8:43 AMprazillo Lemon

.... that I have been so busy learning Photoshop and borders and how to improve on my photographic skills; I have been able to learn a lot. I learnt the complex method of applying borders and the simple method (which I will use more LOL). When I'm fully comfortable with borders I will write a tutorial on it for others to learn.

...that I have another design from Thea Tamura called Rakeel. This outfit comes with a lot of good details and very great for the cold season. Outfits like this when worn; all you need is a cuddle by the fire side or by your lover arm. Its comes with some pleat at the skirt, some flowery net design at the top which also has the ruffle at the neck, waist and the arms.

... that this outfit also comes with matching pants to keep you extra warm. and very comfy during this season. Rakeel is a must have outfit in our wardrobe for a season like this. Hurry over to Thea Tamura and get you some.

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