Designer's Wardrobe Diary

...Away From Normal

7:55 AMprazillo Lemon

...that this week has been a very trying week for me both in real life and second life, that doesn’t keep me away most times. But when back now. I decided to blog about some items which was given me and now the poses becomes boring and I can’t get about a concept. Guess my head is still full with the Valentine :-)

...that I decided to see one or two prefab homes maybe in future will get a home. I was amazed at the homes and the entire concept. BOTHA ARCHITECTS: Houses  was so cool and it rocks. Now I’m beginning to believe a friend who said soon very soon we will all be migrating into Second Life. Wow I did better get an awesome home and land LOL before I’m left without :-) Lovely concept these places do have. Go check it out.

..that I’m modeling the latest outfits all from aDiva Couture . Accessories come with the outfit. Anne is giving all a new 2010 concept :-) Check that also.

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