In my Moods or Not ...

7:48 PMprazillo Lemon

... that I got admitted into Glance International Academy, I have been so excited, had my first class yesterday and it was awesome. :-) By the time I’m done I would have loads of experience and I trust we all will benefit from it. Despite my happy mood yesterday, I feel so empty today, which usually happens to most of us. I tried shopping, chatting with friends, surfing the net and doing what would spice up my day, but I haven’t achieve it yet.

... that I tried having some fun with my inventory, looking for stuff I haven’t worn for quite a while and those I never had a clue I had. Look what I finally settled for and I bet I’m still not in the mood but i could go shopping in stuff like this :-)

..that I employ us all to take great care and look for something to spice up our day, Life is too short for an extra moody day. I’m out going looking for fun.

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