Designer's Wardrobe Diary

Whose is Better :-)

8:42 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I blogged earlier about the new store for Kathrin Pearl Design, and Kathrin was excited and she told me she has a better photo more than I did. She sent to me.. if you look at both photos and mine LOL.. im a better photographer ..shhh don't tell Kathrin. But she got all the small details of the store that I couldn't get.. hmm maybe she is better .. no I wont admit now :-)

...that also she just released some awesome outfit which I wasnt able to blog and would have been so romantic for the valentine.. and I'm sorry about that all.. but like I alway say Valentine is everyday doesn't need to be that special day.. So go over to Kathrin Pearl Design and get these awesome design and go dancing with that special someone.

...that Love is still in the Air :-)

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