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.... WildLeather in More Colours

11:16 AMprazillo Lemon

... that I had a surprise from kathrin Pearl this morning and it was one that has put a smile on my face all day.

Below is that chat that brings smiles and joy :-)

Kathrin Pearl: you do a great job and i think you shoudl get paid for it
Kathrin Pearl: hey huni i did send you 1000 linden
prazillo Lemon: OMG Kathrin
prazillo Lemon: u just gave me a blast this morning .. thanks so much
Kathrin Pearl: you are much welcome...i did send yxou the other outfits as well who i made yesterday with the pics i use for the vendors...thnakies for oyur work
prazillo Lemon: i was just thinking of how to add the other colors u sent to the blog.. and u just surprised me
Kathrin Pearl: smiles
prazillo Lemon: thanks so much. and im happy u like them
Kathrin Pearl: i iwll put you on my pay out list
Kathrin Pearl: is 1000 linden in themonth okay?
prazillo Lemon: that awesome kathrin
prazillo Lemon: i dont make that in a month LOL
Kathrin Pearl: i will pay more of course if you want me too
Kathrin Pearl: you are should kept encouraged
prazillo Lemon: im blogging about this LOL
Kathrin Pearl: you may quote me ~ winks
prazillo Lemon: u are the best Kathrin... and i do appreciate
Kathrin Pearl: hugz ya tight
Kathrin Pearl: you are so welcome
prazillo Lemon: Love u loads
Kathrin Pearl: ~ winks
prazillo Lemon: u just made my day :-)
prazillo Lemon: now i ill be preparing to go to the best model academies :-)
Kathrin Pearl: smiles

... that this is an awesome gift I must admit .I appreciate it so so much. Wild Leather in other colors by Kathrin Pearl Design is out. Hurry all. Taxi is here Kathrin Pearl Design

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