Diary Model

Beyond The Palace..

8:42 AMprazillo Lemon

.. that I just got in a chat with Foxy  and we talked about everything in and out of our SL days.. it was great. Let me recall that Foxy was the first lady to ever make me get clued to Second Life.She helped me as a newbie and since then I have alway strived to be on :-) .

...that She was then Manager for The Palace and I was a host then, I remember so much all the fun time we had there and I can't forget my uniform LOL as a host.. The host were all dressed as Sophisticated Victorian Women and Men :-) . I do miss the Palace and all the fun.

...that aside the fun, we made great friends and held awesome music . It is a most appreciate place and somewhere to alway be missed with its lovely Victorian Ballroom , painting, lovely relaxation spot and most importantly.. the spiral staircase which gives the room its ambience.

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