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Blue Mama Bug :-)

12:45 AMprazillo Lemon

... that this name Blue Mama Bug is the name for  aDiva Couture  new release items these week. Blue jean Blues, Mamacita and Beetle Bug.

...that these combinations are very lovely, sexy and great wears for either shopping, meeting friends or simply walking around in SL. I Love all three combination... I wish I could mix them all and wear according to the name I gave :-) hmmm thinking of that... I will have to try it LOL… that will be called mix and match 

...that this is my mix and match called Blue Mama Bug :-)

1st and 2nd Outfits  : aDiva Couture Beetle Bug
2nd and 3rd Outfits : aDiva Mamacita
4th outfit : Blue Jean Blues
5th Outfit : Blue Mama Bug :-)

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