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.. Evie in Moon Forest

10:49 AMprazillo Lemon

... that I received this awesome outfit called Evie from  aDiva Couture , when I wore it I was immediately feeling like a jungle girl ;-) But the beauty of it is I get to be a sexy, hot jungle girl. I Love this outfit :-) I just couldn’t go in the boots. I wanted a stiletto and we go hunting in the dark forest in my hot sexy stiletto :-)

...that the outfit comes with the lot of options, you can decide to be extra sexy because Anne made lot of provision to not only be Sexy but also very lovely, and the lovely Handkerchief at the back pocket :-) hmmm awesome. I have to be in this outfit all day. :-) Available also is the Capri Version.

... that this forest which is my jungle :-) called the Dark Moon Forest has lot of great fun and very educational. Immediately I teleported there I was in Love with the place.Awesome scene and lovely stuff which has mythical education embedded in objects, you can click on them and get more information and it was fun.

Outfit : aDIVA Couture Evie Cotton Olive Shorts
Shoe :NX-Nardcotix Rebekah Pumps Lemon

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