Designer's Wardrobe Diary

Going Victorian :-)

11:47 AMprazillo Lemon

... that a lot has happened over the years in Second Life. Just like we makes friends and lose some same with Fashion, Clubs, events and entire life in general. Sometimes I think SL is not so different from RL, the only different is we are enclosed in a world where we don’t have to express emotion physically.

...thats as a newbie we shop hunt looking for all the freebies available on the grid LOL and I was in this store Bleak House Designs!  and I got some very lovely dresses which I never really had the opportunity to wear. When I get bored that when I start cleaning my inventory and dang I saw this folder containing all the items I bought at -BHD- and I started wearing them all. OMG I was amazed at how lovely there were, despite it was a freebies then.I thought there should be out of SL now, took the teleport and awesome, there are still very much available.:-)


...thats for those who love Victorian style, here is an awesome place to go find them all and the prices are below 200Ls amazing right?These items I’m wearing are still sold for 1Ls and you get to see other awesome designs. I will still have to visit that store more.

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