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My Journey So Far :-)

12:24 AMprazillo Lemon

... that I said when I started this blog that is going to be a diary for my Second Life, I made mention I was a model and it been a journey trying to be among the best.. But I must admit it been a remarkable one and it been a journey with you all behind me.

... that I did slowed down a bit to actually learn so much and take the big dive , First I got admitted at GLANCE Model Academy and been tutored by the best Wicca Merlin :-) and I was just told about another which I will keep secret till it fully blown.

... that outside the Model industry, I was employed as a Mall Manager/ blogger for Bella Vida and I have learnt so so much within a short time.. LOL that has been taking my blog time. But I must admit I learn so much about management and communication :-). I’m naturally a shy person. But over this few weeks I have been able to open up to a lot of people. Great step for me :-) Also I got employed last week as manager also for Le Charme Fashion. Great news for me. Aside runway, live model. I was script writer / Host for New York Fashion Week.

... that I can’t forget Anne she give me the wonderful stuff I blog about and Kathrin who also give me all the great stuff and still put me on her payroll. :-)

..that with these, I have been very grateful for all that happened to me this year, a turning point for me and also to thank my friends  who have been there encouraging me one way or the other Wicca, Naiya, Marienna, Leah, BlackLiquid so many names to mention and most especially everyone that read my blog. I do appreciate all and Love you all.

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