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Photo for my AURORE :-)

10:22 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I Love taking photos of myself... though too shy to actually express myself because I have seen great photographers in SL and my God they are all wonderful.. I will get there someday :-). I have a friend Jo ... We met at a beach in SL and he took me some photos the first time he saw me... And the photos were very lovely... Today at Bella Vida, he was there ... and LOL he took me some nice photos again :-). Jo is an awesome guy and I do appreciate his photos.
...that below are the photos he took me :-)

The outfit I’m wearing is called AURORE from Utopia .. It was an awesome gift from Saby and I have been wearing since she gave me :-). I love the funkiness and the fact that it serve as an absolute trendy and sophisticated gown... Lots of Edges around this outfit... :-). My photo skills is threatened with the lovely outfit LOL... but I can't help but blog about :-)

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