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11:16 AMprazillo Lemon

..that I was at a lovely sim today and was more attracted to the Swan and the way they danced and walked around the water fall. It was so lovely a view.The Swan is not as beautiful as the peacock ,but it is a living creature that has feelings such as  pain, hunger just like any other living creature and this is what we are in Second Life. Most time I see people show a lot of pain and others give people pain. Something happened to a friend of mine today in Second Life, I dont want to dwell on the event but I did like to use this Story to  explain what is expected.

Long time ago, there lived a King. He was lazy and liked all the comforts of life. He never carried out his duties as a King. “Our King does not take care of our needs. He also ignores the affairs of his kingdom.” The people complained.
One day, the King went into the forest to hunt. After having wandered for quite sometime, he became thirsty. To his relief, he spotted a lake. As he was drinking water, he suddenly saw a golden swan come out of the lake and perch on a stone. “Oh! A golden swan. I must capture it,” thought the King.
But as soon as he held his bow up, the swan disappeared. And the King heard a voice, “I am the Golden Swan . If you want to capture me, you must come to heaven.”

Surprised, the King said, “Please show me the way to heaven.” “Do good deeds, serve your people and the messenger from heaven would come to fetch you to heaven,” replied the voice.
The selfish King, eager to capture the Swan, tried doing some good deeds in his Kingdom. “Now, I suppose a messenger will come to take me to heaven,” he thought. But, no messenger came.
The King then disguised himself and went out into the street. There he tried helping an old man. But the old man became angry and said, “You need not try to help. I am in this miserable state because of out selfish King. He has done nothing for his people.”
Suddenly, the King heard the golden swan’s voice, “Do good deeds and you will come to heaven.” It dawned on the King that by doing selfish acts, he will not go to heaven.
He realized that his people needed him and carrying out his duties was the only way to heaven. After that day he became a responsible King.

Lesson : It is encouraging that we all work hard and also be responsible and treat others with respect.

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