***Chaisuki*** Designer's Wardrobe

***Chaisuki*** Brianna Skin

9:22 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I am deeply honored to present ***Chaisuki*** Brianna Skin,though it has already been blogged about by other bloggers such as Juicy Bomb , Les Girl  and a lot of others.. But I can't help to give a reminder again that such Lovely SKIN is still IN Second Life. :-).
...that  ***Chaisuki*** BRIANNA peach-caramel  is available in 4 skintones,2 eyebrow options,4 hairbase options,alternative breasts,optional tan-line,optional pubic hair,40 make-ups and 12 makeup options WOW there is plenty of options to choose from which is a nice balance of natural and fabulous styles , all skin are nicely done and of extreme fashionable taste.If you are wearing Brianna Skin .. then you are in the 'IT' crowd of SL.These are few of  the favorite:


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