***Chaisuki*** aDiva Couture

Clubbing in Second Life

3:48 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I was really in the dance mood today guess I got my inspiration from the aDiva Couture new release Carolina :-). I met up with some of my friends and we decided to go dancing and some party LOL, that’s why I love Second Life you can club and party all day of the week :-). I hopped to two clubs at same night just like we do in real life and the clubs were really hot and this was ringing high “It’s really hot in Here so take off all your clothes “LOL... In general I had lot of fun :-)


...that I’m wearing the latest release from aDiva Couture called Carolina... Don’t need to say much about because it is a sexy outfit and was very great for clubbing and dancing :-). You will most certainly stand out in this outfit

Clubs :
Ist and Second Photo : Club VyLeRaS & Skip's Gallery
3rd and 4th Photo : Club EK Poolside
Outfits :
 Skin : ***Chaisuki*** Brianna

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