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Harmony Haven Easter Hunt in Second Life :-)

9:41 PMprazillo Lemon

… that I have a good eye for items and stuff... I love to hunt... But the few times I have attempted to hunt in SL it just totally wears me away... because most times you keeping looking for items that were never placed or after spending lot of hours you find that designer have put items which they may have given away before.. Aside that the whole exercise most time is worth it.

...that Barbarella Fuosing sent out notice for Easter Egg hunt for items... which I couldn’t get because everywhere in the sim was grey to me… and I must admit she hide them very well LOL but I went around to other stores in the sim and they had great stuffs :-) ... I decided to show it off . They are all lovely.

Outfits : Tres Beau Easter Egg : "Shimmery" Plum ; Tres Beau "Easter Candy" Hat ; Tres Beau "Easter Candy" Basket,
Skin :Easter Hunt BARE Skin Bunni
Shape :Easter Hunt Sophistishapes - SINITTA body shape
Hair : Free Gift !VA! Maxine dead blue
Shoe :INTERAZZO Easter Flats

Outfits : Indyra Original Easter Egg : Kidskin Glove Cuff ,
                                   Easter Egg : Indyra Originals Reform School Miniskirt

Outfits :Beebee's Easter Egg : Black, Lime Green Cooloff Tank + Capri

Outfit : *HAUTE* Fashion Easter Egg : Scarlett

Outfit : *HAUTE* Fashion Easter Egg : Memories

Outfit :*HAUTE*Fashion Easter Egg : Pink Fancy

Outfit : *HAUTE*Fashion Easter Egg : Blue Victorian

Rug : Barbarella Fuosi Easter Egg :  CLASSICO Mission 3 RUG
Stand : Barbarella Fuosi Easter Egg : CLASSICO Mission Night stand

All Easter Hunt Item you will get at HARMONY HAVEN SHOPPING PRECINCT


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