Designer's Wardrobe Diary

How to Wohowwza the Guys :-)

10:03 AMprazillo Lemon

...that Kathrin designer for Kathrin Pearl Design has been making some designs with very unique names that I just couldn't hold myself but ask what the reason for the names :-) This is our chat conversation on the inspiration behind her latest design WohoWwza :-) as a fashion reporter for Zillo Insist LOL

prazillo Lemon: Hello Kathrin
prazillo Lemon: Good morning
Kathrin Pearl: hello hun

prazillo Lemon: now i have to ask for a small interview LOL
prazillo Lemon: what is the story behind this latest design of yours
prazillo Lemon: Wohowzza LOL
Kathrin Pearl: lmao
prazillo Lemon: who inspired this design ? LOL
Kathrin Pearl: well...a customer asked me ones to do her a bolero so she can take it off after dancing a "wohowz" was for the Solala Outfit....and i was smiling and took this as a name for my new design...since this design has some very sexy details and shows a bit skin...the feather jacket and the jewelry should make a man all "WOOOOOOOHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWZZA"
prazillo Lemon: hahahahahaha.. LOL .. you mean to tell me your design is to WOOOHOWZAAA the men LOL
Kathrin Pearl: well at least to let them think this way ~ winks
prazillo Lemon: im going to advise them all to take shelter .. While getting them some big helmet LOL
Kathrin Pearl: ~ laffs
prazillo Lemon: this is going straight in the blog right away :-)
prazillo Lemon: hahahaha..
Kathrin Pearl: omg hahahhahahaa
Kathrin Pearl: I know why I call you "bratling"
prazillo Lemon: hahaha

...that this is Wohowwzza ladies, go get the guys "WOOOOOOOHOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWZZA" . hahaha LOL

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