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In my Posh :-)

9:48 PMprazillo Lemon

...that for the Easter Celebration, Anne gave everyone in group and even subscribe’o Posh in Gold :-) to say Thank You for all the Love and Lovely gestures :-)YAY!!!.
...that I love Posh in white but when I saw Posh in Gold... OMG I was in Love again :-). The Golden Bracelet for both hands, the beanie Hat :-) great addition to Posh in Gold... which makes me love it more and more :-)

 For those in Group and havent gotten Posh in Gold.. check in group notice
and those in subcribomatic.. check in History. :-)

                                                             Hair : TRUTH Jess - Freebies and  *Bliss Couture* Crazy Hair (Blonde)
                                                                                  Skin :  *Leafy; MISO - Loom

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