Diary Fashion

In the Past :-)

12:19 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I do remember a lot about the past. I remember this one so much, as a newbie I had great friends. I was to attend an interview for a host job and wanted to impress my employer LOL, I talked to one of my friend Foxy and asked her where to get nice clothes and hair :-) instead she gave me some really awesome outfits :-), but this particular one I wore that day for the appointment and I was just so impressed and got the job:-) I still keep this outfit and wear them once a while… It’s very unique. What do you think ?

..that also I have been having lot of fun with photoshop.. making all the background for my pics.. It not so great at the moment but I'm loving it because I have learnt so much in a few times.

Outfit : Duci - Pourpe & Noir 750 ( The designer is out of SL I guess)

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