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... Nightmare :-)

3:15 PMprazillo Lemon

... that LOL I have been having Twilight Nightmares and Second Life Nightmare... WOW which could be more terrible…Well my SL Nightmare is more terrible because I haven't been able to Log on and stay logged in for 30 minutes… LOL Linden please please what did I do wrong… I ask you forgive me all my sins LOL.

...that so much has been happening and I have been missing so much, well I will try and tell a little bit today :-). There is this awesome lovely simple and gorgeous gown made by Anne… and I know it will be so lovely for the weekend Romantic dance with your love one, and most especially it comes with the awesome pink color which most lady love.:-) I know you will Love this :-)

…that also if you love the wild side… go also for the Safari outfit … I went hunting with this outfit in Africa LOL. Have u seen a hot sexy hunter in micro mini… that was me… and trust me it was go do the same LOL.


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