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Debbie in Summer Glam :-)

8:41 PMprazillo Lemon

...that since so much is on about summer and lot of lovely colorful and sexy items all out. I'm so in Love with Anne latest release called aDIVA Couture Debbie . I love it more because I have a real life top just like this. It come with a hand painted floral embroidery and a cutwork at the neckline over a white top and a highly essential companion for all your summer shorts, skirts and pants. Ladies lets go knock around in our Summer glam.

...that I was at .: ARI:. &!SUL! , I got this awesome hair from there called .:ARI:. Mara *black*. There are lots of awesome hair styles for you to pick from and all very unique. So stop by and get one for yourself today.


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