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Hunt! Hunt!! Hunt!!! @ #Before Sleep#

12:24 AMprazillo Lemon

... that  #Before Sleep#  is giving all hunters an interesting hunt from June 1st .. Lots of hunt items out there in the month of June. I'm going to give you a sneak peek of what you will be hunting and give you the entire various hunts and what you will be getting :-)

#Before Sleep# Highest Bidder Hunt which starts from the 1st June through 30th June. You will be hunting for this awesome skin. Which is both in Male and female skin and shape


#Before Sleep# Secret Keeper's Hunt starts from 1st June through the 15th June. Here you will be hunting for this secret place where you can relax and a lot and piles of pillows which are all very lovely

#Before Sleep# Lost My Marbles Hunt Gifts which starts 1st June through 30th June. You get to Keep this Mid Century Lamp, Modern Chair and Modern Lounger :-)

#Before Sleep# The Believe Hunt Gift starts 1st June through 15th June. You will be hunting for this awesome teddy LOL. :-) Which you can cuddle.

#Before Sleep# Groovy Love Hunt starts 5th June through 26th of June. You get this awesome, colorful set with two lamps, a love seat, a cube table and a couch.

#Before Sleep# Summer Lovin' Hunt starts 5th June to end 5th of July. This is a most have set because it contain a Summer Beach Shack with Deck Chairs and Rug :-) This is most certainly a fun hunt and most enjoyable.

More on the hints for the Hunts and Hunt items please visit the STORE IN WORLD  and also take the time to look around :-)

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