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I'm OBSESSED by N-Core

1:33 PMprazillo Lemon

...that not only are we looking for a pair of women's shoes designed to show off a woman's sexy and alluring feet and toes but those that highlight your feet and legs, and show off the painted nails and rings and also the person wearing them.

OMG I saw one today and immediately I was imprinted to it LOL and it is at N-Core :-)
N-Core OBSESSION is a sexy daring stiletto heel with straps and ankle straps. A lot of improvements have gone into these latest items. As soon as I was delivered this pack, I have been exploring a lot of the options and there are all so very cool.

With the HUD you can make lot of changes to the ankle strap, nails, skin, socks colors, heel and so much more.

Go Over to N-Core Design  and try out a Demo and I bet you will be glued :-)

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