***Chaisuki*** aDiva Couture

My Peacock or Peahen Dress :-)

9:04 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I just saw Miley Cyrus $25000 Peacock Feather dress and DANG I remembered I too have some peacock dresses :-). The most interesting thing I learnt from the Wikipedia  is that the male is called the Peacock while the female is Peahen and Peafowl is used to refer to both species of bird, just like the normal fowl, where we have the male as the cock and the female as the hen. Some education right? Well now what would I say I’m wearing? A peacock or peahen outfit LOL you decide?

Outfits :
Ist and 4th Photo :
aDIVA Couture Pacis Forma ( Peacock Beauty)
2nd Photo:
RiFi's Peacock Paradise Plum
3rd Photo:
XENA'S Peacock

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