Designer's Wardrobe Diary

My Second Life Celebrity Look :-)

4:35 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I was discussing with some friends and we talked about the growing size of our inventory. The rate our inventory grows especially for the ladies is so alarming but we can’t help but still get all the good stuffs and the designers won’t stop stunning us :-). After the discussion I gave a thought to items I have but never really wore, I'm starting off with wearing something totally different from my everyday look of ball gown, short gowns and the like. See what I assembled :-) which makes me a SL Celebrity. Where are the paparazzi when I need them? LOL

Skin :-Belleza- Elle Group Gift
Bag:  *Courtisane*. Sacoche (Bag) Opening Gift By Leezu
Bangles : [Pacadi Jasha] - Dayani Necklace - Eyti Bangles
Jean: Stripe Top & Designer Jeans from House of Beningborough
                                                   Shirt : Primitive Design_anatomy shirt - UNISEX
                                                                 Shoes: DRAGON-V.4-Red Shoes By Fancy fashion
                                                                         Hair : Amacci Hair Lil - Dark Copper - Group Gift

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