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What I'm Feeling :-) S3

8:40 AMprazillo Lemon

...that aDiva Couture seem to be in the very trend. I saw this awesome outfit called Sugar. It’s really Sugar Sweet and Sexy (S3) :-). The pant and the top just match so well that I can’t help but wear this outfit anytime in the day or at night. It comes with a combination of different bra color, black and white to add extra sexiness to this outfit. And also you get the pinstripe in same Sugar with a different top. Haaa. I Love this outfit :-)

...that from Indyra Originals at Palamos you get this awesome sexy outfit for free. Like the saying Less is More, this is it :-) You will need this outfit if you have to seduce Him :-)

1st and 2nd Photos:

3rd and 4th Photos:

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