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8:55 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I blogged about the fair coming up for ALPHABET SOUP BAZAAR , One of the designer 22769 Casual Couture is also going to  have a booth at the fair . New items will be released as a result of this fair, here is a sneak peak of what you will be getting :-) and there is going to be a wide range of NEW tees and tanks in dollarbie-range (between 1L$ - 5L$).

Well my favourite is the Beach bum Outfit, I love the military look :-) so I'm very hooked to this particular outfit. It's the
ALPHABET SOUP EXCLUSIVE and  its only available at the fair and NOT in the shop.You get each items between 1L$ - 10L$ - the whole outfit as a pack can be purchased for 22L$.

There are exclusive collections of tees and tanks and it ranges between 1-5Ls. and dont miss out on the Independent Outfit. All items are unisex. Lovely right ?  Guys are not left out :-) YAY

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