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Alphabet Soup Bazaar

6:43 AMprazillo Lemon

...that I just came back from the spa and trying to attend a show:-) I'm so hungry. Have you ever noticed that in SL getting food is a huge problem well thanks to Top Secret Finds & #Before Sleep#  for providing me with a SOUP :-) all I have to do is heat it up and eat them all :-)  hahaha

Well Top Secret Finds & #Before Sleep# have put together The Alphabet Soup Bazaar! The event will run from July 3rd - July 10th. The Soup is all about the GREAT mix of creators and people on sl - the melting pot to coin a phrase.
When this is taking place will be notified to all , but we can subscribe at #Before Sleep# to be updated of this venue.

P.S  Link to the Alphabet Soup is  The Alphabet Soup Blog

1. Everyone is required to have at least one 1L item.

2. Everyone is required to have one MALE or unisex item.

(the guys get left out of everything I've noticed lately!)

So there will be affordable items for all! :) And the men will get some goods this time too. :)

Designers going to be making This Soup are listed Below:
Stink Eye
The U-neek
Ol' Dirty Bastard (ODB)
Shoo This
Hot Dolphin Love Animations
#Before Sleep#
T Junction
Beautiful Disaster
Dulce Secrets
Dead Bunny
SB Wear
Miinii Inc
Unscrupulous Aker
Lacie Dayz

Lets be a part of the Fun and drink up all the soup :-)

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