Designer's Wardrobe Diary

#Before Sleep # is at it again

10:59 PMprazillo Lemon

...that in Second Life so much has emproved and most especially the designers are all so lovely making and designing and giving out great  and high quality stuffs and items in the form of freebies, hunts, contests,fairs, shows etc  .

#Before Sleep #  is giving out great  items in hunts and as freebies in her main store . I give to you a bit of information in the upcoming hunt, for the ODB's Freebie Fair Hunt you get this patched heart jeans and a Love Tee shirt which is the summer fun collection and also the TPMe shirt and jeans.The hunt starts June 5th.

For the Yduck Weekend  which is Saturday and Sunday , you get this awesome dress for  44L only and it for just those two days.

#Before Sleep# has this lovely textures -That ROCKS!  The Texture pack is for 40L Saturday only a few sample are been displayed below. Take a TAXI and go see more textures.

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