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Busy Busy As a Bee :-)

9:51 AMprazillo Lemon

...that the saying Bees are busy , well I think for the past week I have been more busy than the Bees:-) and my honey taste more better than the Bees LOL. Lots and Lots have been happening in Real Life and most especially in Second Life. Lots of hunts, fairs, contest, Fashion shows, events etc and designers are making, painting , never leaving their system, and shoppers are running here and there to ensure they get all the latest and greatest items. WOW Second Life is a really big World I must admit :-) and I LOVE THE WORLD.

I asked some of my friends here to tell me how they feel when they hear they is a migration plan to move us from Real Life into Second Life ... and LOL the response was most of us want to migrate here :-) hahahaha.. Well who wouldn’t when you don’t have to do so much to be happy and not EATTTTTTTT :-) hehehe it’s left for everyone to say who wants to migrate and not migrate. But that is in the PIPELINE for 2099, Linden is working on that :- ) Don’t say I told YOU LOL


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