aDiva Couture Designer's Wardrobe

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1:02 AMprazillo Lemon

...that aDiva Couture is one very unique stop in Second Life, you can’t help but keep getting what you want and how you want it. Anne takes time to bring out the utmost best in her designs, texture and you get lot of uniqueness. She released aDIVA Couture Nadeshda and I must admit Real Life is coming fast fast into Second Life.

...that this is an outfit with lace blouse in gold lace optics which you tie at the side (my favorite feature) and  is worn with the sans culotte jeans which is a combination for skirt and pant :-). Lastly you get the option for the double belt or single belt and a lace legging is included..You want to knock them out looking drop dead gorgeous in a crazy sort of way. Get this outfit.


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