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Copy ! Copy !! Copy !!! Is a SIN

2:11 PMprazillo Lemon

...that I  dont usually write about stuff that would want to hurt anyone feeling because so far SL is a world that should be quite fun and enjoyable, but some people just make it so totally different.Designer go the extra miles to get the best designs out there, some do lot of hand sketching, paintings and long hours to get the best out, some just COPY.
I have heard the cries of some great designers about someone copying their items and they later give their hard labour for free to group members so as to shame the COPIER
Anne (aDiva Couture Designer) sent me a teleport today to come see her design been copied by Iker Ronin ( UNRAVEL Designer ) yes we know they are lots of templates out there for people to make same designs, but some unique items makes every designers outfit different and this was the unfortunate thing with this copy. He copied aDiva Couture Sugar outfit  which  the wrinkles on the top was hand painted .. and  with the wrong wrinkle at the back, the copier also copied the wrong wrinkle and  removed the hands and added a smaller lace to the top. A copy is still a copy.. what ever happened to Copyright laws?

Look between Anne Design and Iker Ronin Design

 And this design was from an original  aDiva Couture Envy which Anne made last year , and just modified into aDiva Couture Sugar.
 We all want to be the best, but not everyone can design, not everyone can write, dance, sing, model, style etc.. we should all look for what we are good at and dont copy..

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