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Modern Gurl is Happy :-)

2:52 PMprazillo Lemon

... that I heard when you are happy everyone see it that you are happy, and you feel so happy, gorgeous, and sexy and glamorously, reason is the simple fact that you are HAPPY.
I didn’t win any jack pot though, I just woke up having this feeling of been happy and I know it does happen to most of us. I decided to dress for Second Life like I'm really HAPPY.

aDIVA Couture Rear GreyShades is one sure outfit that makes me so HAPPY, It’s a cute dress and comes with extraordinary features such as the Leather corset, the waterfall collar hood, with and without arm shirt layer. This outfit comes with a lot of options and you can’t help but love it.

Another new release that adds more to my HAPPYNESS is the aDIVA Couture Modern Gurl.It is a classic piece and you feel so sexy and chic in it. It comes with a printed bodice and ruffle at the bottom which gives it that unique touch and the pants are just way up there, so in the "IT" right now. You can accessorize this anyway you like to always give you a complete and unique look.

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